Massages Halifax

Welcome to the best looking place in Halifax, where we make great things happen for you!

Do you fancy relaxing and looking great at the same time? You’ve come to the right place! We offer Mobile Massage in Halifax – the girls at Beautylicious Health and Beauty do our best to make you feel like a top model at the catwalk.

We do nails, you’ll look great!

Want to have the finest looking nails in Halifax? Our Shellac UV service can last more than your everyday nails, preventing your polish from being peeled, worn off or chipped. You can sport the most astonishing pinks, strawberries, corals and over 20 more colours we have.

Look well and feel even better for up to two weeks’ time. It may appear like it’s a regular polish, but it’s brighter, better and most of all, resistant to your everyday chores. We call that service our Luxury Manicure and Pedicure.

Eyebrow wax too painful? Try ours instead!

Perhaps you have tried doing your eyebrows at home, heard it was going to be less painful and cheaper, you bought your tweezers, make up brush, brow comb and small scissors. Everything was going well until… Bloody hell that hurts! After all that you just want to try going to beauty salons. In Halifax we’re prepared for you.

Our Halifax specialists know how much painful waxing can be and their experience at it will make you see the light at the end of the tunnel.They also know which kind of eyebrow is most suited for your face so you don’t wound up having the wrong facial expression that a poor job leaves.

Want to relax? We start from the head, Indian style

After a long week of routines, commuting to work, dealing with the boss I’m sure you have a lot to pressure to drain off. The best answer to a tired body is a massage. In Halifax at the Beautylicious Beauty Salon we do Indian massages. These relieve the pain from your shoulders up to your face and neck.

Maybe you’re a little anxious over what’s ahead for you and need tranquility and calmness. Our Indian massage Halifax can increase your self-esteem by balancing your chakras. It also strengthens your immune system so can be more creative, think with more clarity and be more of what you want to be.

Did you have a long night at the pub? Get those hangover headaches out of the way with our Indian massage. It reduces eye strain and nasal congestion. It even works if you want to feel better, get a healthy hair and scalp and improve your skin tone and colour. This technique works wonders from the shoulders up to your head, giving you a guaranteed smile every time.

Do you have sports injuries? We’ll fix you right up!

Our massage Halifax services include the newest techniques and we take into account that sports is in the every day’s life. For those who went a little too far on the pitch or at the gym, the girls at Beautylicious Health and Beauty know how to treat injuries and do preventive treatments. That way your muscles stay in tone and balance to go at it again.

Come to Halifax Massage, we have all you need to provide a better health. You’ll sure to leave graceful and fresh, you won’t regret it!